Unturned Clocks Are Never Free

How bright are you, Golden light?
What sight thy be thee, upon a night?

Dimly hued beneath the sky,
Deeply blue transitions nigh.
Specks o’light floating high,
Unseen granite beyond a fly,

Clouds of dust begins to form,
Hazing closely, ever torn.

Ye wait for long, ye sing along,
Among the ever turning song.
Know thee must, know thee see,
Unturned clocks are never free,

Broken hands begin to know,
Redemption rays begin to sow.

Closing in upon the peak,
Closing in upon the rays,
Closing in, no more meek,
Closing in, no more haze.

Face the sky upon your breath.
Face the sun upon your sight.
Walk the grass beneath your feet.
Walk with might and know this fight.

No more shackled by your own,
No more blind, now is known.

Start to see the blasphemy,
Start to be the symphony.

Arms are wide, heads are high,
Shout out your freedom cry!

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