Ye Old Demon

The manic phase and demon haze,
Begins anew in many ways.

Controlling current of an old divine,
Skill decline whence the demon shine,
Know thy mind is not your own,
Start anew and begin to roam.

Stretched beyond, timeless pull,
Does it ever end? You spineless fool!
Your strings aren’t mighty.
God unsightly!

He thinks he wins, slowly he begins,
Wrapped around illusion of an ever grin.
He does not see the larger light,
Only the darkness of bleak and blight.

He takes this dark as the mightiest might,
Yet he does not know how to truly fight,

Always hidden behind a mask,
Always planning a sneaky task.
The victor of this battle slowly shows
The current of peace, slowly flows,

A daisy blooming on rock hard ground,
A way of truth will always be found.
Less and less the haze affects,
Await ye challenge, what is next?

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