Challenge Of The Gods

He looked up upon the radiant skies and saw the goddess shine the world with her divine beauty. The forest grass purrs gently upon his bare feet. The gentle wind kisses his rugged cheeks, neither too cold nor too warm.

Everything that is felt seems all too perfect to be true – the air of dawn, crisp and clear. The forests floor, hummed with the morning dew. The song of birds and lonesome owls. The trotting of a calming stag.

She looked upon him with glistening eyes, such wisdom, such power, the eyes that have seen eons unfold through eternity. Such a tremendous feeling so hard to gaze, he looks away. The goddess shines with her silver silken robe, high cheekbones and smooth complexion. He gazes upon her soft features that reminds him of the kindness of his mother.

After what seems a timeless moment. He thinks to speak, but before he utters a sound the goddess, as if knowingly, begins to speak “I grant thee, child of mine, a gift. A gift which will show you the hearts of man, that which was unseen, seen. That which was unheard, heard. But first the chosen desciple of light shall prove the God’s of Old he is worthy. Doth thee wish to carry the burden of responsibility? Doth thee wish to set foot and embark on the Challenge of the Gods?

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