The Call Of A Wilted Flower

Left alone with only the falling rain as company. Each drop a friend to her, each drop a friend gone. Knowing she is but one amongst the thousands of raindrops, her fate, she accepts. She knows no laughter, knows no smile. A feeling so fitting to her amongst the crying sky.

Her leaves wilt as her petals fall. Her petals, once as vibrant as the summer skies, the good days, now transformed into the bleakness of a darkened sky.

Where is the hope? She cries, where is the love of light and care in which she had before? It pains her so. Her friend was once nice to her, feeding her water and making sure she had enough light… But then something changed. Her friend stopped caring, stopped becoming a part of her life. Now, slowly, as the friendship deteriorated, so did she.

Here she now lies, atop a blackened bin on wheels, awaiting her fate.

The rhythmic rain pattern sets her mind into a trance. Time has become inconstant, unimportant and meaningless. All that matters is the calming drops upon the hard, earthen ground in the dark of night.

As she begins to settle into the rhythym of the night, a distant pattern of sound makes itself apparant. The sound of feet hitting the wet ground. Another one of these, she thinks. A legged being who has the power to care and be a friend, where she is helpless in an environment so chilling no wonder why plant life is sparse! This one will be like all others, this one will not wish to be a friend. Even though I ask them kindly, they seem not to speak my language – or just ignore me! Which is even worse! How she wishes only to have a friend, for the strength of friendship is what she lives for.

As the patterning sound becomes louder and louder she cries out with a desperate plea. Broken and forgotten, wilted and decayed, her last hope of becoming new again is slowly escaping her like an autumn leaf whisltling away from the changing tree.

At a sudden moment the footstep sound stops. Then, a moment never before thought possible chanced upon her like a split of sunlight amongst the stormy sky. This legged one heard her plea and accepting her friendship! Oh the joy and the relief! The time is nigh to change with this newfound friend!

He picks her up and sees the broken formed being she has become. A moment of sorrow shoots through him, but is quickly replaced with hope and determination.

He sees the potential of what she may become, and so with eager determination he sets off on this journey – to renew this beautiful flower. A mission worth the every effort.

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