A Day Of Simplicity

An opportunity upon the glimpse of the sunlight skies begin to unravel itself through the descended haze. A worthy moment makes the change become a welcomed sight, a sunny day amongst the monsoon season.

She sits upon her window sill as a throne of peace,
Gazing upon the never ending days of tranquil rain.
When there is rain, let it rain. Drop by drop, piece by piece.
There is no reason to rage and scream, all but naught to gain.

The midnight air gently creeps in through the cracks of the windows as a welcoming breeze. The darkness is quite a comfort, the silence of the night, save for the rhythmic pattern of rain, this is what I live for – moments like these.

The next day is a relaxing day, there is no worries, no responsibilities, nothing at all to do. She wakes up in the late afternoon knowing this, smile upon her face like a child opening a Christmas present. It has truly been so long since a day like this chanced upon me, better make the most of it. She has no plans to go outside, never on a day like this. This is her day.

She looks to her bedside table, a half finished book, its about time to finish it, she picks it up. She rises from her bed with all the time in the world, its no longer necessary to jump like a grasshopper to work. A comforting snail pace is desirable. As she leaves her room and steps down the wooden stairs she looks upon the art on the wall she created. Almost as if she has not noticed them at all she relives her creation and appreciation. The days with a faster pace makes me forget about this beautiful place, and the beautiful art that I create. A sense of appreciation runs through her mind.

As she makes her breakfast and coffee, she looks outside and glimpses the chanced sunny day. What a sight! What a chance! A decision takes her to have breakfast sitting in the backyard, with the company of the warm grass and comforting ball of light in the sky. Her day is filled with the adventure of her beloved story. An immersion in another world that ceases all worry in the one she lives in. Timeless hours pass on by. A finished book, and long since finished breakfast.

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