Jungle Journey

“So I have to insert this shard into the slot right?”

“Yeah, you need to turn it 180 degrees as well. Don’t forget that. Its important.”

He reminds me for another countless time. The bone shard. Yes that ancient artefact, what one thing can make you do in this jungle filled world. Held in safe hands by the Kiki Tribe, they didn’t even know what it was for. I’m sure they’re not missing it. I place the bone shard carefully into the carved slot of the large tree trunk. A satisfying clink sounds, then turn the shard around as the circular edge presents itself. Another clink.

“Okay, now stand back.”

We stand back for a moment, then… Nothing.

What excitement, a journey wasted. I’ve done so much for this…. 

At a moment in the darkened forest, a slow hum accompanies the birds and crickets of the jungle. At first I thought it imaginary, but as it grew louder like an ocean wave drawing near, I was certain of its real nature. As the hum grew, a dim light emanated from the vines of this large tree trunk start to grow. Well, this is something.

Then an increasing rumble on the forest floor starts. As I gaze on the floor dirt begins to fall beneath the forest shrubs, the crevice opens wider and wider until I see steps leading down into an unknown place.

“See! I knew it. The Time Orb is one step closer to being mine!” he says, with a greedy gleam in his eyes. Now dealing with this fool will be challenging. But since the gods are with me, I should be fine…

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