The Eyes and Hands

A grand display beyond a doubt,
Lights beyond a scream and shout.
Tasting eyes on the shining bright,
Sparks do fly from light to light.

One speck alone is not a treat,
Feast your eyes and take a seat!
Its all for you, your eyes to bear,
Not a charge! Its only fair!

As they sit and stare beyond the light,
Prowlers roam with hands so slight.
Hypnotised with droopy eyes,
Hands are filled with hidden lies.

The specks have seen the last of night,
Droopy eyes will fill with sight,
Walk away with minds of might,
Never know the hands of slight.

It becomes a distant echo in time as the eyes relish the moment of light from the darkened world. No longer will they see another speck of light until the next festive spark shines on bright. As the hands empty their hidden lies so too shall the shine become bright once again.

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