Eyes Of Stone

Stone filled eyes chipped and charred, his tears forming mist, becoming part of the smoke of the half lit cigarette. It has become a distant memory, the flights of birds and sunshine eyes. No longer.

Eyes of hope transforms and consumes him.
Such good is never lasting, he shouldve known.
A grand feeling should be a daunting sin.
A mighty seed has grown as all thats shown.

Yet a glimmer of pasts feeling still remain,
It becomes a part of him to learn and grow,
There is much to learn, much to gain,
Build upon the past and let it flow.

How much longer? He asks himself. The past may daunt, but the past it gone. It shant be so, as it is. The layers of rock begin to crumble as his perspective changes of past. No longer shall it affect me so… No longer.

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