The Forest of Icy Dreams

The broken breath begins to breathe its lasting moment, a cloud forms as she breathes out the cold of the darkened forest. Laying on the ice cold snow she breathes slower and slower, awaiting her fate… Welcoming the peaceful moment of a darkened stillness that lays before her. It is only in time, the pain is bearable knowing that the last moment will be a peaceful one. She reaches out to the clouds above as a cry of a quickened release. Yet there is no answer, the gods can not hear her in the Forest of Icy Dreams… What a stupid move I made, coming here… I knew I should’ve listened to Seryn… Dear Sister…

Her eyes begin to close off to the world outside, hoping to never wake again… The trees begins to speak to her with the slightest whispers of wispy words, The wispy words tangle themselves like sentient roots around her broken body. The underlaying frequency of the forests speech begins to slowly envelop her body, until she feels covered in this invisible energy. This forest is no ordinary one, is this the purpose of my journey? Death is so inviting and yet I feel myself becoming more alive with each whisper from the woods.

Time seems to have stilled to all but a moment, enveloped by the forest, encapsulated from the waking world, she begins to feel the subtle flux of the forests movements. The ravens and owls flight path is known, the scuttling critters of the forest is heard and located, the sudden movement of a snow wolf pouncing on the silver deer, the sound of the rustling leaves of the entire forest becoming one song in so many. The forest becomes an organic movement of sounds, creatures and swaying of trees. The ultimate feeling, amongst the myriad of feelings, is one of pure content and understanding of the Forest of Icy Dreams. It is as if she has known her Friends of White Bark for so long, to understand each and every one of them on a deeper level. My place is with my Children, the Trees of Icy Dreams, and I shall stay by their side forevermore… I shall never leave again, like I did many centuries ago. 

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