Sunshine eyes look back at me through the moonlit glaze for me to see.
As the stars sing in the night I hear a voice inside the light.
In the voice a troubled scream, I gaze on close through a hazy gleam.
As I stare I start to wear, the trembled cloak of fear you share.

Birds begin a mighty scatter, I wonder closely on this matter,
Slowly splitting darkened sky as a golden rift begins to cry.
Within this cry there lies no fear, only light through far and near.
As a leaf begins to fall, I see the rest, I see it all.

I look on to the sunshine eyes, I see the moonlit dark demise.
A treasure, yes, beyond a doubt, it speaks to me and starts to shout.
With a mirrored eye I see, one like you… One like me.
In this troubled eye I find, kindred light… Kindred mind.

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