A moment begins as once before, broken glass and blackend hands birth again from the dark abyss. A shadowy figures moves swiftly unseen through the night. Broken minds a worthy prey.

Fallen leaves and withered mess,
Breath again a dying breath.
Consumed, decayed silent leaves,
Forever broken solemn trees.

Falling tears, saddened sky,
Clouding grey, heart-wrench cry.
Frightened fox, panic run,
Move upon the blood red sun.

She runs amongst the dawning sky hoping to find a moment of solace from the fright. The cliff edge shows itself through the edge of the forest, drawing nearer and nearer with every stride. She runs to the edge of the cliff and looks above.

Paws have stopped upon the sun,
Dust shall fall, shadowed one.
Comsuming, turning, broken eyes,
Pouncing, turning, sad demise.

Parting cliff, a sad goodbye,
Welcome ground, a warm embrace.
No more victim, no more chained,
A final moment of lost derange.

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