Sovereign Core

Within the sheltered hardened shell,
Lies a truth you can not tell.
Beyond the reach of spitting rain,
Seek the only thing to gain.

How hard it is to stay afloat?
How hard is it to sail this boat?
Crushing waves soar high above,
Moonlit dim on shadows love.

A moment’s worth, embrace the deep,
A gentle swift to split the weep.
Flickered touch to delved upon,
Stretching through… All and None.

Gain a tide of favouring,
Self manifested tidal king.
Spit and splash alike abashed,
Insignificant, rush to crash.


A moment begins as once before, broken glass and blackend hands birth again from the dark abyss. A shadowy figures moves swiftly unseen through the night. Broken minds a worthy prey.

Fallen leaves and withered mess,
Breath again a dying breath.
Consumed, decayed silent leaves,
Forever broken solemn trees.

Falling tears, saddened sky,
Clouding grey, heart-wrench cry.
Frightened fox, panic run,
Move upon the blood red sun.

She runs amongst the dawning sky hoping to find a moment of solace from the fright. The cliff edge shows itself through the edge of the forest, drawing nearer and nearer with every stride. She runs to the edge of the cliff and looks above.

Paws have stopped upon the sun,
Dust shall fall, shadowed one.
Comsuming, turning, broken eyes,
Pouncing, turning, sad demise.

Parting cliff, a sad goodbye,
Welcome ground, a warm embrace.
No more victim, no more chained,
A final moment of lost derange.

The Timeless Seer

Once again the drums start bellowing it’s greatest shout. Once again the strings start playing their sharpest note. The Crystal Clear Timeless Seer sings again as the cosmic curtains entrance the living and the dead.

The etheric cosmic cogs of the universe stills to a halt to witness a divine incaration of the endless crests and endless troughs. Upon this timeless moment a frozen breath begins to breathe, a soundless spark begins to burn, a moments rest begins it’s turn. 

Burning Again

The hands slowly move as the ripples begin to show. Tuning and turning through the vortex of the invisible constant. An ever forming circle, an ever forming wheel. It begins anew as a Phoenix rises from the ashes. A burning yearning for a day anew. 


Sunshine eyes look back at me through the moonlit glaze for me to see.
As the stars sing in the night I hear a voice inside the light.
In the voice a troubled scream, I gaze on close through a hazy gleam.
As I stare I start to wear, the trembled cloak of fear you share.

Birds begin a mighty scatter, I wonder closely on this matter,
Slowly splitting darkened sky as a golden rift begins to cry.
Within this cry there lies no fear, only light through far and near.
As a leaf begins to fall, I see the rest, I see it all.

I look on to the sunshine eyes, I see the moonlit dark demise.
A treasure, yes, beyond a doubt, it speaks to me and starts to shout.
With a mirrored eye I see, one like you… One like me.
In this troubled eye I find, kindred light… Kindred mind.

A Withered Tree

Broken leaves begin to fall from the withered tree, slowly peeling themselves away from ancient branches. The time has come to begin anew through the darkened span of a leafless existence. The rebirth shall rise again as the flowers spring, when the summer birds start to sing.

A lasting moment, a moment at last.
Time has come to put past to past.
Endure the wind, endure the rain,
Forever forgotton empty pain.

Cloakless now, thoust shall be,
Shrouded leaves of history.
Eyes upon the moonlit night,
Darkened solemn eternal fight.

Green divine shall begin to sow,
Upon this day thoust shall know.
A worthy battle of bark and blood,
Washing through a sunlit flood.

The leaves begin to grow as the flowers sprout with the cooling wind blowing east toward the rising sun. A scorching day is upon us, a summer bright shall be grasp with hands of steel and an iron grip.

Silky Words

Soft words spoken, true and free, shall never hide beyond a mist of broken lies.
The flow of stillness shares the moment upon the utterance of simple spoken eyes.
The calming waters rush through her lips like gliding flying silk wandering wistfully to a receiving ear.
The gentle flowing silk enters as the flutter of birds start to stir, far and near.

The Forest of Icy Dreams

The broken breath begins to breathe its lasting moment, a cloud forms as she breathes out the cold of the darkened forest. Laying on the ice cold snow she breathes slower and slower, awaiting her fate… Welcoming the peaceful moment of a darkened stillness that lays before her. It is only in time, the pain is bearable knowing that the last moment will be a peaceful one. She reaches out to the clouds above as a cry of a quickened release. Yet there is no answer, the gods can not hear her in the Forest of Icy Dreams… What a stupid move I made, coming here… I knew I should’ve listened to Seryn… Dear Sister…

Her eyes begin to close off to the world outside, hoping to never wake again… The trees begins to speak to her with the slightest whispers of wispy words, The wispy words tangle themselves like sentient roots around her broken body. The underlaying frequency of the forests speech begins to slowly envelop her body, until she feels covered in this invisible energy. This forest is no ordinary one, is this the purpose of my journey? Death is so inviting and yet I feel myself becoming more alive with each whisper from the woods.

Time seems to have stilled to all but a moment, enveloped by the forest, encapsulated from the waking world, she begins to feel the subtle flux of the forests movements. The ravens and owls flight path is known, the scuttling critters of the forest is heard and located, the sudden movement of a snow wolf pouncing on the silver deer, the sound of the rustling leaves of the entire forest becoming one song in so many. The forest becomes an organic movement of sounds, creatures and swaying of trees. The ultimate feeling, amongst the myriad of feelings, is one of pure content and understanding of the Forest of Icy Dreams. It is as if she has known her Friends of White Bark for so long, to understand each and every one of them on a deeper level. My place is with my Children, the Trees of Icy Dreams, and I shall stay by their side forevermore… I shall never leave again, like I did many centuries ago.