As his eyes slowly settle, he begins to think anew. The rage of a storm has passed on through like a whispering wind amongst the calming seas. Darkness envelopes his field of vision, yet he feels no sadness, feels no hate. The silence begins to comfort him as a mother cradling her beloved child. In this state clarity seeps within. Once more this feeling of haze slowly descends, disappearing into the abyss of that it came. The thought of her sparks in mind, the good times and the bad, the yearning for the friendship that was once lost by mutual dissociation. How has it come to this point in time? When two individuals who enjoy each others company be as strangers. Is this not madness itself? Can it ever be the same as it was before? He contemplates the situation and sees he must be the maker of change, to spin the wheel once more of this friendship. And so he shall make the first move. And so he shall make the first effort. As the darkened raindrops slowly fall from a heavy sky, the first drop shall be his.