A Helping Hand

As his mind begins unravelling he understands the situation more clearly. He is in an position to give guidance and help out his fellow man, yet he should not force himself to help. As a river wishes to split on the desert sands, so shall the river be. When he forcefully changes the current and direction when no help is asked, he is all but meddling with mother nature.

A fellow man shall lead his own life, a fellow lady shall learn her life is at a forked road, heading into the direction of utter dismay if no action is acted upon. Whether she learns today, or whether she learns on her dying bed, she will learn one day.

The Crown Is Yours

There are some who do know that each and every one of you is a King, each and every one of you is a Queen. We wear the crown of free will upon our head and have the power to decide our own fate. We have the power of creation, and only if we so wish to grasp this power to the benefit of ourselves and others around us, we may.

To decide to think for yourself has never been so strenuous, never so difficult. We look upon others to decide our fate, and in doing so, we give our power away. The crown we wear upon ourselves has been given to another. We are no longer the doers of our own reality, no longer the controllers of our own destiny. We must reclaim what is lost, through our very own efforts and will – lest broken lives we shall always be.